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Belomorkanal Cigarettes pack

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 16.10 (Per Carton)

Belomorkanal Cigarettes

Belomorkanal cigarettes are not expensive but they are very strong and filterless. Belomorkanal cigarette was create for the real men who are not afraid of life difficulties and are ready to conquer the world. They are very popular in the Russia and the Russian navy because you can turn out topside and choke one down in about a minute for an overwhelming nicotine hit. It is not a secret that potheads successfully use the tubes of Belomorkanal cigs for the joints.

Belomorkanal cigarettes is a pure Russian brand, the tobacco used in these papirossi style cigarettes is very strong and has a unique taste. Belomorkanal cigarette is manufactured in Russia only, at the Uritsky Tobacco Factory in Saint Petersburg. Belomorkanal papirossi have no filter and contain 3 to 4 centimeters of tobacco. Before, during and after the World War II, Belomorkanal was the only Russian cigarette on the market smoked both for men and women.

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