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Gauloises Blue (Filter) Cigarettes pack
Gauloises Blue (Filter)

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 53.00 (Per Carton)
Gauloises Red (Lights) Cigarettes pack
Gauloises Red (Lights)

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 53.00 (Per Carton)
Gauloises Yellow (Ultra Lights) Cigarettes pack
Gauloises Yellow (Ultra Lights)

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 41.60 (Per Carton)

Gauloises Cigarettes

Gauloises cigarettes are distinctive French tobacco brand. Gauloises are usually un-tipped, dark tobacco, trade-mark cigarette of France. Gauloises packets are squashy and covered with crunchy cellophane, the pack is blue like the smoke they produced or so said the poets, graced with a simple and unforgettable picture. For Gauloises, it was the helmet of the warrior who battled against the Roman invaders.

The Americans and the British smoked light tobacco - "blondes" or blonds, as the French call Virginia cigarettes. The French smoked dark tobacco- "brunes" - brunettes. Unmistakable smell of dark Gauloises tobacco was the perfume of the country.

Gauloises cigarettes are a brand manufactured by the company Altadis. Gauloises cigarette appeared in 1910 as unfiltered cigarettes and in 1950 as a filtered. Dark tobacco was changed for the American type blend but nevertheless, Gauloises are considered to be quite strong. Gauloises cigarettes are always associated with France, its easy way of life and it is a pleasure to smoke. Today it is a popular worldwide high quality brand.

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