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Menthol vs. Regular. Differences and Similarities

Many women smokers today face a serious problem: Should I or should I not smoke menthol cigarettes on a regular basis? This issue is rather important if you're a heavy smoker and you only choose menthol cigarettes on special occasions. This article is intended to draw the lines between smoking menthol cigarettes and regular cigarettes.

  1. If used daily, menthol may irritate your throat. This statement is subject to in-depth analysis and should be read contextually. The general idea is that some women don't tolerate menthol as well as others and this reality may become disturbing is menthol cigarettes are smoked regularly.
  2. Menthol cigarettes obliterate the actual volume of tar of a cigarette. In other words, you don't realize how strong a cigarette really is if it has menthol. Some persons take advantage of this fact to smoke stronger cigarettes, but such an action is not recommended. If you care for strength (and you should), don't forget to check the values written on the pack.
  3. Menthol renders a sensation of freshness. This is both true and useful; in fact, this is the most important reason why people all over the world choose to smoke menthol cigarettes. After approximately half an hour from a previous cigarette, you may enjoy a new one and still feel the benefits of menthol. It's a never-ending circle with obvious benefits.
  4. Some varieties combine menthol with other special tastes in order to enrich the smoking experience. In these cases, the quantity of menthol is small (if it wouldn't be, the menthol would cover the additional taste) and the cigarette feels rather mild. Even so, these cigarettes are generally suitable for special occasions, because smoking a particular taste for a long period of time may be boring.
  5. In general, menthol is preferred by women. However, there are many men who like to enjoy menthol cigarettes every now and then and take advantage of a refreshing new taste.

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