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Viceroy Filter (Red) Cigarettes pack
Viceroy Filter (Red)

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 32.05 (Per Carton)
Viceroy Lights (Blue) Cigarettes pack
Viceroy Lights (Blue)

Minimum amount of cartons 2

Price $ 23.80 (Per Carton)
Viceroy Ultra Lights (Silver) Cigarettes pack
Viceroy Ultra Lights (Silver)

Minimum amount of cartons 2

Price $ 23.80 (Per Carton)

Viceroy Cigarettes

Viceroy cigarettes are focused on a definite area of smokers, because the taste of this brand needs a particular appreciation. As everything in this world has its destination, it concerns the taste uncovered by Viceroy Cigaretes. This American created cigarette has a very "lusting" flavor. This taste is not easy to be transferred in words, as it can be felt only by those who had tasted it. The only description that carries the savor of this tobacco product is "astounding".

Brand name of this tobacco product suggests royalty and its smoking flavor-supremacy. Viceroy cigarette is on American market since 1936. This brand marked a new revolution in producing of cigarettes with new cork-filter tips. During its promotion, Viceroy had changed design but unchanged remains its taste that was, is and will be preferred by thousands smokers all over the world. Viceroy registered the highest demand on tobacco markets.

Viceroy cigarettes are made by Brown&Williamson. This company became a possession of British American Tobacco in due time and then by Reynolds American Inc. Viceroy cigs are very popular on such markets as Eastern and West Europe, the Middle East, Turkey and Argentina. The name of the brands is of a royal origin.

Historically a viceroy was a royal representative who governed a country or a province in the name of and as a substitute of the monarch. And the word itself derives from French "roi", meaning the king. This favorite brand justifies its royal origin being a leader in many know-how technologies in the field of tobacco industry.

NOTICE: The manufacturer of this brand stopped releasing the cigarettes in hard cartons. Instead, they will come in 2 rows by 5 packs, wrapped in cellophane.

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