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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Click and Roll Cigarettes pack
Lucky Strike Click and Roll

Minimum amount of cartons 2

Price $ 40.30 (Per Carton)
Lucky Strike Lights (Blue) Cigarettes pack
Lucky Strike Lights (Blue)

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 40.20 (Per Carton)
Lucky Strike Original Red Cigarettes pack
Lucky Strike Original Red

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 47.20 (Per Carton)
Lucky Strike Original Silver Cigarettes pack
Lucky Strike Original Silver

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 52.30 (Per Carton)

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

This is it! No cigarette in the world ever tasted so good. Lucky Strike means fine tobacco - mild, good-tasting tobacco that's TOASTED to taste even better. Outdoors or indoors, Luckies are the best-tasting cigarette you ever smoked- claim manufacturers! We will agree, because Lucky Strike smoking brand has that lucky quality of being not expansive and having mild toasted tobacco inside every Lucky Strike cig.

Lucky Strike cigarette brand was introduced by R.A.Patterson of Richmond, USA in 1871, as a chewing tobacco and later a cigarette. In due course Lucky Strike appeared to be the American Tobacco Company (ATCo) which purchased the company in 1905, challenging to R.J.Reynold's Camel, which is the second largest cigarette company in the world.

In 1917 the slogan "it's toasted" appeared, which explained to the buyers that the producing method of the tobacco toasting instead of sun-drying was used. Owing to distinctive manufacturing process Lucky Strike cigs are said to have an exquisite flavor.

In the same year an abbreviation "L.S. M.F.T" signifying "Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco" appeared. Initially Lucky Strike pack was dark green. The brand's signature color changed to white in 1942. Officially it was done to reduce chromium and copper materials usage, that was reflected in an excellent known advertising campaign that used the slogan "Lucky Strike Green has gone to war!" However, they say that in reality it was made to reduce costs and to increase women's part of smokers' interest.

NOTICE: The manufacturer of this brand stopped releasing the cigarettes in hard cartons. Instead, they will come in 2 rows by 5 packs, wrapped in cellophane.

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