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Mild Seven

Mild Seven Lights Cigarettes pack
Mild Seven Lights

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 26.45 (Per Carton)
Mild Seven Original Filter Cigarettes pack
Mild Seven Original Filter

Minimum amount of cartons 3

Price $ 26.45 (Per Carton)
Mild Seven Super Light Cigarettes pack
Mild Seven Super Light

Minimum amount of cartons 2

Price $ 24.45 (Per Carton)

Mild Seven Cigarettes

Mild Seven cigarettes are actually the third most smoked cigarete in the world after Marlboro and Camel. After Mild Seven's appearance it quickly became popular in Europe, Asia, Russia and USA. Mild Seven cigs are on the top of their success as they combine great mild tobacco and very cheap price.

Mild Seven cigarettes are in fact reputedly the third widest smoked cigarette in the world (behind Marlboro and Camel).

Manufactured originally in Tokyo, by Japanese Tobacco Inc. as a variant of the popular Seven Stars brand, Mild Seven has been a top seller since its launch in 1977 and enjoys leading positions in Asian markets including South Korea and China.They are now also manufactured under license in Switzerland for the growing European Market.

The brand is the second largest cigarette brand in the world. Mild Seven is a premium brand and distributed in over 40 countries.

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